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Rules for All Participants

For Artists and Designers that at accepted for the show, these are the basic requirements.

Artists and Designers required are to have read and agreed to the expectation pages (For Artists, For Designers)

All sales at the event will be handled by EVENTgelical Productions. 40% of sales will be collected to help fund the event. We sincerely hope that we obtain enough sponsors and the event draws a huge crowd, so we can drastically cut the percentage.

Entries must be ready for display. Each piece must bear your name and its title. Artwork in any medium will be accepted; models, sculptures, neon, photos, computer, etc. If your work requires special handling (electricity, special lighting, etc.), write and notify us in advance using the registration form.

All artwork must be your own. Only the Artist/Designer or her/his agent may sell work. Checks will be made out to the Artist/Designer, unless otherwise requested.

Prints and reproductions may be entered. They must be signed and numbered. Only one copy of each design will be hung in the show. We request that only limited edition prints be entered.

If works are shipped to the show, return postage and shipping insurance is your responsibility and you must pay it in advance. Any excess payment will be refunded to the Artist/Designer. You may pick up your unsold pieces after the show, or pay return postage and we will return your work in your own packaging. Unsold artwork will be return shipped within 2 business days of the close of the show. We will ship your art via the same carrier you used unless otherwise instructed. Checks will be mailed to Artist/Designer within a week of the event.

We reserve the right to reject any work that does not follow the rules given above or is hazardous (e.g., electric shock or spraying water).

Artists and Designers acknowledge that participation in the Issues event, including set-up and tear down, may involve risks including but not limited to accidents and other potential personal injuries and property damage. The Artists and Designers assume responsibility for all risks and hold harmless the Issue event, EVENTgelical, agents, and location, from any liability arising from or proximately caused by participation in this event.

The artist(s) understands and acknowledges that EVENTgelical Productions and the Diamond on 16th do not maintain insurance covering artist’s property or liability.

If you have questions, thoughts, or just want to correspond, you may contact:

David Nesbit

Ann Myers

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